Mooseberry Falls

So awhile back my boyfriend told me his brother lived in Mooseberry Falls, Minnesota and I was talking to my grandma about his family and she asked where his brother lived, so I told her Mooseberry Falls, Minnesota. We looked for it on a map, to no avail. This is due to the fact that it’s not a real town. What it is is this: the fictional town of Rocky and Bullwinkle is Frostbite Falls, home of the only Mooseberry bush in the world. My boyfriend and his sister combined the two into Mooseberry Falls and tell everyone their brother lives there and that he has a lot of moose friends. I told my boyfriend that I told my grandma his brother lives in Mooseberry Falls and he laughed and explained this information to me. He still laughs about it whenever it’s brought up. He also told me to never tell my grandma that it’s not a real place. His brother actually lives in Minneapolis.


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