a journey to self realisation

once i thought i would be an incredible teacher, that i was destined to mold young minds into lovers of words as my english teachers had done for me. however, that path turned out to be a nightmare and an almost disaster, so i changed my major to what i love, english with a concentration in creative writing, unaware of what such a degree could do for me. ideally, as i tell people often when they ask, “what do you want to do with that?”, ideally i would love to write volumes of poetry. ideally i would want to be, not the next patti smith, nor the next sylvia plath, but the first me in a line of poetic predecessors who never had what i have nor have i what they had/have. otherwise, i say, i will work in a library. i would by lying if i told you i’ve been saying so for very long, for it was only recently that i made the decision to work around books for a living. it seems a humble position, yet a magical prospect all at once. i would also be lying if i said the decision wasn’t at least slightly influenced by the stern-faced yet beautiful librarian/piano teacher who learned to have fun from a con man in The Music Man, Marian the Librarian as portrayed by Shirley Jones.

Imagewhether this be the final path i take or there’s a fork in the road somewhere, i’m fairly content with my current choice as i am following my passion.


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