discovering “home”

i’ve lost a sense of “home” in this town. the only thing tying me here anymore is my family, and even with them i feel displaced. those whom i once dared to call friends have gone their own ways and i have gone mine. they stayed to go to a local college and i left for a state university. it’s my second summer “home” since, and nothing’s gotten better, it’s only gotten worse. i can’t call this town “home” anymore because it doesn’t feel comfortable like it used to. i feel displaced, passing through the motions, doing what it takes to get me by. i have one month left of this summer until i go back to school, one month left to waste in a place that feels foreign when i’ve lived here all my life. then i get to go somewhere that’s not quite “home” either, but it’s the closest thing to it. they say “home is where the heart is” and if that’s true, then my home is with you, wherever you are.


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