someone will love you

i see so many people, male and female alike, who sob about being “forever alone” and how no one can love them unless they love themselves. truth is, none of those things are true. i’ve never met a person who was so in love with themselves that they made someone else love them more. frankly, people who love themselves and see no flaws in themselves are annoying. don’t strive to be that person, strive to be the best YOU you can be. nobody is perfect, it’s okay to dislike certain things about yourself. it’s okay to be upset with your life. it’s okay so long as you try every day to be better. try to smile, try to be happy, but know that you won’t always be able to.

someone will see you somewhere and want to speak to you. maybe they will. maybe you’ll have to make the first move. it won’t be like the movies, there’s no such thing as perfection. but you will have someone who will accept most of your flaws and be willing to work through the others. we all will find this person in time. they will smile at our scars, inside and out, and promise us they don’t matter. it does happen, keep the faith. focus on you and they will stumble in unexpectedly and you will know it’s them. they are the person who will love you unconditionally. you just have to give it time.


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