Striving for Confidence

We all have strong opinions on topics close to our hearts. One topic that I have found myself truly fed up with lately is that of models in the fashion industry. Even the plus sized models are relatively thin/attractive. Personally, I would like to see a runway show or a photoshoot where around twenty women are taken off the street, put into clothes, get their hair and makeup done, and look fierce in their own skin. No photoshop. Not even models in the industry look as they appear in magazines and advertisements. When did it start being okay for women who are already slim, already gorgeous, to be molded into a singular definition of “beautiful”? It isn’t fair to young women, young girls, or even older women for that matter. I want to see real women in my magazines, not women who have been entered into a computer program and fooled with. It’s time we fed women reasons to love themselves rather than reasons to look in the mirror and think, why don’t I look like that? Because the truth is, nobody does.


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