Reflections and New Perception

as my college career nears its close, i keep thinking about the amazing opportunities i’ve been given as a result of my time at Ball State University. i began my time here as an English education major, pretty swiftly realizing kids and i do not mix well, so i changed my major to creative writing. i eventually added a couple minors, women and gender studies and literature. i had to drop the former due to a conflict of schedule and thus an inability to take the capstone course. nonetheless, i wouldn’t trade the time spent in that department for anything. it was eye opening. at any rate, the English department has been filled the brim with opportunities. of course, being my shy and nervous self, i rarely grasped too many of the opportunities, opting to be a part of the audience during readings rather than up there bearing my own soul. i digress. the point is, i’ve been published numerous times because of courses i’ve taken over my four years here. a blog post i wrote for a course focused on renaissance literature appeared on Dr. Miranda Nesler’s blog, Performing Humanity; i had a poem initially written for Mark Neely’s advanced poetry writing accepted for publication by The Mochila Review (issue forthcoming, hopefully soon, i’m getting anxious); i acted as an editor on The Broken Plate, my name appearing alongside my classmate’s on (i may be biased) what could be considered the best issue yet; i contributed to, edited, and formatted an anthology for Dr. Lyn Jones’ creative writing in the community course; i had three blog posts published to a “Viki Wiki” over characters of David Copperfield for Dr. Joyce Huff’s Victorian literature course; and i just recently learned that a piece i wrote for an advanced creative nonfiction course taken with Todd McKinney, who encouraged me to submit to literary magazines, has been accepted to Prairie Margins (issue forthcoming, Fall 2015). in short, LOOK AT ALL THIS AWESOME OPPORTUNITY AND THESE LOVELY PROFESSORS. i honestly would be nowhere without the amazing professors the Ball State English department has to offer. i even ate lunch with Michael Martone thanks to Sean Lovelace. it wouldn’t seem right not to give a shoutout to Cathy Day, a professor i once tweeted about saying, “i don’t know Cathy Day, but she seems like a gem.” well, now that i know her, i can say without a doubt she is a gem, and she works her butt off for the BSU English department, spreading the love of English all over Robert Bell and the rest of campus too! i don’t think my last semester would have been so memorable without taking her senior seminar course. as much as i’ll miss idling in the halls of RB, it’s the people i’ve met here that i’ll truly miss. everyone is awesome, but i’m stoked for what the future holds.


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